We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


Four children plus a baby sister and their dog, go out to hunt a bear. They travel through grass (Long wavy grass), a river (Deep, cold river), mud (Thick oozy mud), a forest (A big dark forest) and a snowstorm (A swirling whirling snowstorm) before coming face to face with a bear in its cave (A narrow gloomy cave). This meeting causes panic and the family run home, across all the obstacles, followed by the bear. Finally, the children lock the bear out of their house. The bear retreats, leaving the children safe. The children hide under a duvet saying “We’re not going on a bear hunt again!”. At the end of the book, the bear is pictured trudging disconsolately on a beach at night, the same beach that is shown on a sunny day as the frontispiece. Most of the illustrations were painted in watercolour.



A children’s picture book written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.


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